Blackskull auto Jack-matic feminized seeds

Posted on 13 December 2012


• Flowering time: 70-80 days from seed to bud.

• THC levels: High. (15% – 20%)

• CBD levels: medium

• Yields: 30g-60g per plant

• Height: 60cm – 100cm

• Genetics: Ruderalis 30% Indica 30% Sativa 40%

• Strains : SkullRyder X Jack Herer


Pack size RRP
3 fem seeds £14.99
5 fem seeds £19.99
10 fem seeds £34.99


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Jack-Matic is an autoflower cross of SkullRyder and Blackskull’s own fast-flowering version of the awarding winning Jack Herer.  The result is a Sativa dominant auto strain for connoisseur growers who are looking for something a little special for their collection.


Because of its jack herer genetics it can take a little longer to finish than some of our other autos but you will be rewarded by elegant tall plants that have higher than normal levels of THC. This means that Jack-Matic is a more cerebral smoke than many other autos but thanks to extensive selection you won’t be waiting on long flowering times to get your hands on it.


Jack-Matic will begin to flower around the 3 week mark and after some rapid growth the stems produce many dense, resin-coated bud sites that give off a delicious citrus flavour with undertones of spice and pine. The yields are average with 30-60g per plant being easily achieved and the quality of the final product is second to none.