Blackskull Auto Speed Haze feminized seeds

Posted on 03 December 2012


• Flowering time: 70-80 days from seed to bud.

• THC levels: Medium. (10% – 15%)

• CBD levels: Low

• Yields: 40g-80g per plant

• Height: 50cm – 100cm

• Genetics: Ruderalis 25% Indica 25s% Sativa 50%

• Strains : Skull Ryder X speedhaze


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3 fem seeds £14.99
5 fem seeds £19.99
10 fem seeds £34.99


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Blackskull Speed Haze was already a very fast sativa strain but we wanted to produce a haze that could be planted outdoors and have it in flower and finished long before the Autumn. It took many generations and selections to get the speed haze 100% autoflowering but it was finally done and we are very pleased with the results.


Auto speed haze can easily reach 1M in height and demonstrates haze traits such as fine leaves and long buds but the final effect is not totally sativa. There is still much indica and ruderalis in the genetic makeup so the CBD % is quite high which means auto speed haze still has quite a narcotic effect.


Although 100% Autoflowering, she will take a little longer to begin flowering (21-25 days) and will need around 70-80 days from seed to finish. During the flowering period you will be delighted with the typical hazy aromas of pepper and pine and towards the end of the flowering stage the buds will be shining with crystals.


The taste includes sharp citrus flavours along with earthy undertones and once the spicy smoke fills your lungs the effect is almost immediate with a soaring cerebral high that is unmatched by any other Autoflowering strain.