Blackskull Speed Haze feminized seeds

Posted on 03 December 2012


• Flowering time: 56-63 days.

• THC levels: High. (18% – 22%)

• CBD levels: medium

• Indoor Yields: 80-120g per plant

• Out door Yields: 300-400 grams per plant

• Height: 100cm – 140cm

• Genetics: Indica 20% Sativa 80%

• Strains : Super Silver Haze x Jack Herer


Pack size RRP
3 fem seeds £14.99
5 fem seeds £19.99
10 fem seeds £34.99

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Speed haze does what it says on the tin in more ways than one. Its flowering period is very short for a sativa strain and the effect is speedy.


A mix of super silver haze and jack herer this strain has an excellent genetic heritage and will produce tall plants with long buds. Thanks to some Indica genetics the flowering period for such a sativa dominant strain can be as low as 8 weeks.


If given 30 days of Veg and grown in 3-4 gallon pots this strain will get pretty tall and will produce numerous solid buds. Indoors she can yield 450g per m2 and outdoors with a longer vegetative time and more space the sky’s the limit!


The aroma of Speed Haze includes pine scents and peppery notes with a smoke that is very smooth. Speed Haze has a fabulous taste, great long-lasting high and a cerebral motivational effect.