Beautiful Zkittlez grow

Posted on 21 April 2020

Check out this fantastic grow of our Zkittlez strain

Set up

4×3 growtent

optic 4xl led 460 watt (optic has the best lights on the planet)

5 gallon smart pots with fox farm ocean foresst soil. Fox farm nutes (whole line up including kelp and makoral.)

Mycos and azos for transplant and for germanation. Exhale co2 bag  and organic molasses last 5 weeks of flowering.

I took the zskittles to 70 days (10 weeks) of flower for perfect tricombs and ripeness. Veg for 4 weeks.


Plant height 3 1.2 feet (1.1M)

Zskittles pheno #1 I got 8.2 ounces.
Zskittles pheno #2  7.4 ounces